Log in

Depending on the userid the system will present next features:
  • log in with userid ADMIN and corresponding password
    In this situatrion next screens are provided:
    • the schedule screen with update functions
    • the schedule screen with insert function of new schedule line
    • the project screen with update and insert functions
    • the user screen with update and insert functions
    • the user screen with a function to send emails to the users
    • the screen with a maintance editor to edit texts for next screens
      • Contact
      • this user guide that you are reading right now.
      These screens will be described further on in the user guide.
    • this user guide

    Those screens are described as soon as ADMIN has logged in.

  • log in with another userid than ADMIN
    The system checks if the userid is allowed to log in to the system. Notice that an password is not needed.
    In this situation next screens are provided
    • the schedule screen without update and insert functions. The user can only read the information.
    • this user guide
    Indeed a normal user can only read and inform himself of the scheduled projects. And that was just the pupose.

Quality Systems BV, January 2015